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This saves you a lot of money when shopping weekly

Your girlfriend broke up, you were always too expensive to eat with her and now you have to save? Or do you have an exact idea of your future want to have more money available later and are already starting to put some money aside? Then it always makes sense to become aware of your life situation and look where I could start saving more. One of the quickest and easiest ways is to pay more attention to the diet and the products I buy. In this blog article, I will show you how you can shop inexpensively and what you should pay attention to.

Cooking cheaply means simply cooking smarter: conjure up delicious casseroles or refined pan dishes that use inexpensive ingredients to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy a varied and inexpensive food. 

Make a weekly schedule for this, after which you buy your ingredients week after week. Always write a note with all the important foods beforehand. So you avoid the temptation to add unnecessary products to the shopping cart.

1. Cook cheaply with fillers

Food that fills you up and provides a lot of energy is essential for inexpensive food. Rice, potatoes and pasta are cheap and saturate properly. The feeling of hunger is kept in check even longer if you choose whole grain pasta and brown rice. At first, these products seem more expensive, but they pay off because you have to eat less of them to get full. 

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2. Buy vegetables cheaply

Of course, we don’t want to do without fruits and vegetables in the everyday kitchen. We don’t have to! When shopping, we only pay attention to the season. In winter, for example, cabbage, turnips and beetroot are really cheap. In summer there is time for tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. Even the purchase of regional food is affordable and the fruit and vegetables taste much better! With top products, you can cook tasty and cheap.

3. Cooking cheaply – this also works with meat!

At first glance, meat seems rather expensive. A good compromise is the good old minced meat! The minced meat can be used to prepare great, hearty dishes that are tasty and inexpensive. Real favorite foods can also be cooked cheaply with sausages of any kind, bratwurst or cabbage sausage.

4. Find the right recipes for cheap cooking

In this blog article, I show and describe, how great recipes for cheap and good food that every-one can easily follow at home. You can find more recipes for cheap cooking in special cookbooks. I can highly recommend the “Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown”. You can it for example order here from Amazon. Created for people who have to watch every dollar—but particularly those living on the U.S. food stamp allotment of $4.00 a day—Good and Cheap is a cookbook filled with delicious, healthful recipes backed by ideas that will make everyone who uses it a better cook. The investment of around $ 10 is guaranteed to pay off.

5. Cook cheap food from leftover ingredients

What is even better than buying cheap ingredients? Cooking with ingredients that you still have leftover! This can be used to make a delicious casserole from leftovers from the previous day, leftover vegetables end up in the omelet and cut-up leftovers and Co. can be used to make a pizza. Everyone loves pizza!

6. Go shopping with a plan

Saving money starts in the supermarket. Even before shopping! At home, think carefully about what you want to eat, cook, and shop for. Write a shopping list and only buy the products from your list. This way you avoid expensive additional purchases and don’t buy too much that could spoil.

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7. Adjust recipes to your budget

If you are willing to compromise, you can modify recipes with expensive ingredients at your discretion and conjure up a cheap version of the dish. Creativity is required and small deductions in the B-grade, for example in taste or appearance, have to be accepted. Is in the recipe e.g. cooked with expensive herb mushrooms – grab brown mushrooms. Should it be Gorgon-zola – take the no-name product. When cooking cheaply, replace fresh cherries in winter with cherries from the glass and so on. 

8. Never go shopping hungry

Anyone who has ever walked through the supermarket with a growling stomach knows exactly that there will be significantly more in the shopping cart afterward than you had planned. Shop-ping hungry is not only expensive at the supermarket checkout, but it is also very bad for the environment. Thousands of tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere for transport, packaging and further processing. So doing without one or the other unnecessary product not only brings more joy to your wallet, but also sustainability. Because if you have more food at home than you can eat, much of it will go bad and end up in the bin.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid that. Always eat a sandwich or other snack before entering the supermarket. By the way, the same applies to online shopping: if you scroll through the range of online groceries in the shopping cart everything your hungry stomach demands, you will have to pay an impressive sum in the end. So have a bite to eat before you start ordering.

9. Pick up the supermarket’s brand

Do you also always click reflexively on the well-known packaging of the brand from advertising in the online shop? Before you put the branded product in the shopping cart, take a quick look around. The supermarket almost always offers a very similar product at a cheaper price. The taste of the private label is the same as that of the branded product, but the price makes the difference.

If you are still skeptical, then compare the list of ingredients and product descriptions of the two articles and, if in doubt, resort to a smaller trial pack.

10. Buy bulk packs

While it only makes sense for meat, fruit and vegetables to only buy what you will be eating in the next few days, it is worth topping up with perishable goods such as rice, pasta or canned goods. The popular stocks are often offered at a reasonable price. Anyone who has a good grip here not only saves on the sales price but also rarely has to provide replenishment.

But here too, only buy what you will eat. It makes no sense to get a bulk pack of rice if you rarely cook it. Instead, create useful supplies for your favorite ingredients.

11. Get a customer card

Are you loyal to the supermarket around the corner? Then get a customer card there and start saving. You can also get huge discounts on the customer program at the online supermarket. A free customer account is usually enough.

With every purchase, you automatically collect bonus points, which you can exchange for practical vouchers or gifts after a certain time. Those who register for the newsletter of the online shop or recommend the supermarket often collect extra points.

Certain apps now also offer a lot of such functions. With so-called cashback or discount apps, you can easily get money back (for your purchases in the form of Griftcards or Paypal). Scan your receipt after shopping with the app and get points for it, which you can then exchange for credits from a certain minimum level.

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For example: Receipt Hog

With this app, you can scan your receipts to receive Paypal payments or Amazon Gift Cards.

You get coins for scanned receipts. You can scan the receipts from your grocery shopping and restaurant visits, among other things.

From 1000 coins you can withdraw $ 5 on PayPal or get a $ 5 Amazon gift card. Before paying out, you must confirm your account with a code on your mobile phone.

The so-called “slot machine” is an extra way to collect coins, for example by scanning purchased products or taking part in surveys.

Receipt Hog, cheap, shopping, buy, tips, love, food, recipes, eat, happy, money, hungry, budget, This Saves You A Lot Of Money
12. Become a special promotion expert

If there are big discounts in the supermarket, you should be there immediately. So that you are always up to date, simply follow your favorite shops on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The posts and stories not only present new products but also advertise special promotions.

13. Keep your receipts

It is important to know what your monthly expenses are. It can helpfully to write down how much you have spent after each purchase. This gives you a better overview and you can work even better on your expenditure. Set up extra space for this, here you can collect all receipts accrued each month. That way you can always keep track of how much money you’ve spent on eating and drinking this month. Also, think about a time interval in which you end up throwing away the oldest receipts so that there are not too many.

Thank you for reading this article. If you still want to know how to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for yourself and your family, you should also read this article:

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Food is a necessary cost but shouldn't eat up most of your budget. Get simple tips to SAVE MONEY ON GROCERIES and make REDUCING YOUR GROCERY BILL a breeze.
Food is a necessary cost but shouldn't eat up most of your budget. Get simple tips to SAVE MONEY ON GROCERIES and make REDUCING YOUR GROCERY BILL a breeze.
Food is a necessary cost but shouldn't eat up most of your budget. Get simple tips to SAVE MONEY ON GROCERIES and make REDUCING YOUR GROCERY BILL a breeze.

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