Three levels of personal finance

I divide my Blog into three categories. These categories also reflect at which step you are right now in your journey to financial success. On this page you can find my most popular articles in each of these categories, so have fun!

To earn money is the first important step. Trough work this is achievable for almost anyone. That is also why most people don’t struggle with this step and already completed it.

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To be able to invest the money that you earn you need to keep it. This second step consists only of not spending the money you earned. Most people struggle with this step, even though it is really if you know who to do it.

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F.I.R.E. The F.I.R.E. community is a really interesting phenomenon of people who live as minimalists and invest all the money…
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How to create a budgetplan

How to create a budgetplan If you read this article you probably already know why budgeting is extremely important in…
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The secrets of budgeting

The secrets of budgeting Budgeting helps you to save the money you normally would spend on unnecessary things. By exactly…
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The final step is Investing the money you earned. By doing this you can profit from your savings through the earned interest rate. This last step is as easy as it can get, once you completed the step before this.

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How to invest

How to invest To reach basically any financial gaol investing is almost every time necessary. Because it sometimes takes decades…
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Why you should invest

Why you should invest To understand what investing your money can give you for benefits is extremely important. If you…
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How to pay off debts

How to pay off debts Don’t have any debts is a great feeling, but not only that. If you have…
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