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How you make money with your apartment

Financial freedom through logical investment – even from home

Do you know that..? You want or need to do something that you have been putting off for weeks or even months. For many, the perfect example of this is investment or retirement provision. You are waiting for the perfect time, it is close but not yet there. They try to develop the best strategy, their master plan. From the moment the whole thing is implemented, it becomes a sure-fire success. This will be the liberation that is supposed to change your life …

But in the end, it will be different: you will never find the perfect time. You haven’t found the perfect investment strategy either. At some point, you are close to retirement and it doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t change anything anyway. But at least they always thought of it …

The perfect time to save will never come

When is the perfect time to start investing?

You have no money in training, that’s for sure. You are also young and want to experience at least a few of your first salaries. There may be another degree afterward, and the same applies. There is hardly any money left, everyone knows that. By definition, students are broke. What is left is already reserved for parties.

The first job follows the first “right” salary. Now life begins finally everything can be made up for what has been waived and worked towards in recent years. Even before the first salary arrives on the account, the new kitchen and living area are financed. Then it goes to the dealership, after all, a vehicle corresponding to the job is needed. So a middle-class car is leased.

In the end, there is, of course, no more money to be saved. But that’s not so bad, after all, you’re still young. At the next “right” raise, you can start …

The family follows, maybe children. These will eat your hair off your head every day for the next 18 to 25 years. Saving or investing money, of course, doesn’t fit in there. It goes on, children out, there is no big financial burden. So you finally have time for yourself. Travel as long as you are fit. The sports car as long as you can get in. Saving is not after all you have to treat yourself to something. In short: there is no perfect time to save actually, it never fits!

There is no such thing as the perfect investment strategy

The heading says it all. There is no right way. No matter whether ETFs, trading, individual stocks and everything else there is. Everything is justified in some form. Nothing is better or worse. Everyone has to find an investment strategy that suits them. If you want to invest almost no time in your investment, you have to spend more money on fees than someone who deals with the stock market full-time and is willing to learn all the tricks and tricks. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of the fact that money is too important to be ignored permanently. Whether it suits you or not, money is an important part of our world, so it would be fatal not to lose any thought.

The way is the financial goal

You know that you deal with a subject. First of all, you are standing in front of a huge mountain. At this moment you have to make your first decision: do I start climbing the mountain or do I pull my tail and give up. If you make the “right” decision it goes on, you climb the mountain. You inform yourself, you learn more and more and at some point, the moment comes when you think you’ve finally understood how everything works …

Oh no, you just understood the basics. Now it starts. But that’s okay, this process can be applied to everything in life. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut. There are only some who take this route faster and there are some who take longer. But there will always be someone who is better and knows more. In the same way, there will always be someone who is “worse” than you. That is part of it.

The first decision is much more important: do I start climbing the mountain at all or do I turn around and do nothing.

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Investing money is a process

The first time I really dealt with money was when I was 13 or 14 years old. I started to invest it much later. At 19 to be precise. Back then, an ETF savings plan was the beginning for me. Various shares and bonds were added later.

Over time, my depot continued to develop. It got bigger and bigger. Which I don’t want to say now that I’ve only seen growing courses throughout. Sooner or later everyone will have to experience a major loss. But that’s just part of it. What I want to tell you is start! And if you start to like me, with 25 dollars a month, that’s enough. Over time, you will develop a feel for the markets and price trends. You will learn more and more about which investment is good for you and which is not with every single day that you deal with it. It’s an ongoing process as your portfolio expands.

No matter where you start, you will learn and develop. In the rarest of cases, what you start with is what you “stop” or grow old with.

Starting is better than doing nothing

I just want to motivate you to start despite all the excuses. No matter what, no matter how much. Even 25 euros a month as an ETF savings plan are simply better than nothing. You get to know the instruments, you develop a certain “saving mentality” and you learn continuously. At some point, the eye-catcher will catch up with you and you will notice that the whole thing works. Challenge him!

Today is the best day to start.

Now implement what you have learned! – also in your home

Have you ever moved into a new neighborhood and thought to yourself, “Are there a lot of boxes”? Then you should be asking yourself what’s in the boxes and what do you need it for? It should be important for you to create a clean and tidy environment. Easily earn money with old things you no longer need and maybe use this to start your first investment.

Even if you have never moved, you should simply take a look at the attic or in the garage. You will notice how much unnecessary stuff you have there, what could have been thrown long ago. But wait! Maybe you can still make some money from it. Flea markets or websites like eBay offer the perfect trading place for this.

It’s best to start in a corner of the house, search through everything you’ve got for stuff you don’t need anymore. It is best to set up somewhere else where you can store all the discarded things. So if you have found something you no longer need, put it there. With each additional box you drag, you will notice how much you don’t need anymore. In the end, you will be amazed at the big mountain of old things and unnecessary clothes.

Sell or throw away everything you haven’t touched in at least five years. It may also reveal some really cool things that you never thought of. You decide! I advise you to throw them away because what you haven’t needed in five years will not be needed in the future. So throw them away! Unless they give you a (new) benefit from now on.

Do you see what a big pile has accumulated now? – of stuff you no longer need. Do you notice anything? You now have a feel for how much unnecessary stuff you have. My goal in this section was to let you see how much unnecessary stuff you have and that you better never buy it again because, in the end, it will only lie around anyway. So when you next shop ask yourself, do you really need this new purchase? Maybe your old device isn’t working yet? Do you need this gadget at all? And how long are you going to use it? After you give away the old stuff you will remember when shopping that you will never buy it again.

Since we’re talking about shopping. Have you checked out my budget plan yet? I lost all my income and expenses according to this principle. The tool built especially for you shows you after just a few weeks how high your income and expenses were these months, how high the savings and investment rate is and what you should better pay attention to.

Thank you for reading carefully until the end. I hope you enjoyed the article and took it a bit further. So then, a successful investment and until then!

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If you're a frugal living or budgeting beginner, these personal finance tips are the perfect way to build your savings in 2020. Read on for financial tips to start your Business and build wealth!
If you're a frugal living or budgeting beginner, these personal finance tips are the perfect way to build your savings in 2020. Read on for financial tips to start your Business and build wealth!
If you're a frugal living or budgeting beginner, these personal finance tips are the perfect way to build your savings in 2020. Read on for financial tips to start your Business and build wealth!

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