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– Free time activities that don’t cost much –

Aha! You became aware of this article through the heading and want to know how you can relax again? Very good! Because regardless of whether your results have already been crowned by great successes or failures, everyone will eventually reach this point. It is such a strange feeling, which you can hardly describe, but is simply part of it. You don’t feel like all the financial stress anymore, you just want to get out, you want to celebrate again or spend an evening with friends or family in a relaxed atmosphere. It can help to relax before you continue. Because it is particularly important that you never lose the fun of investing. It would be a mistake to just look forward to the breaks between working.

I show you in this post that you can make your free time cool even with a small budget. Here we go!

According to statistics, the German household spends an average of 261 euros per month on leisure, entertainment and culture. At first, that’s not much, but if you put this concerning the average net income of private households (1345 € per month), the following results:

Germans spend around 20% of their income on leisure activities. And that’s quite a lot, considering that the monthly savings rate is only around 10%.

For me, the reason for this behavior is that attempts are made to increase the quality of leisure time by spending more. You are used to working during the week to live on weekends. Of course, this is now depicted very extremely. I suspect that the typical reader of our blog is not one of the „we“ above. Those who are interested in private wealth accumulation generally live much more cost-consciously and therefore try to avoid unnecessary expenses.

In any case, that’s how I am and that’s why here are 15 ideas for weekend activities that cost nothing or almost nothing.

1. Go for a walk

For us as dog owners, it is of course the ideal leisure activity. We take around 10,000 steps a day. That is about 7 to 10km a day. We cover a large part of this on walks through forests and meadows. This is simply wonderful, especially when the weather is nice. Fresh air and exercise are healthy and the sun helps us to produce vitamin D, which improves our mood. Walking for two gives time to talk without distraction and alone you can let your mind wander. Looking into the green also has a very positive impact on health. Steve Jobs held important business meetings while walking, knowing that it sparked the bain’s creativity. Maybe this can also help us to think about our next investment strategies while walking or to rethink our last steps.

2. Go hiking

If it can be a little more, pack your backpack and go on a longer hike. Either only over a day or with a tent and overnight stay. Apart from any purchases, the costs are manageable. This activity is also good for health and can be carried out both alone and with the whole family.

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3. Take a bike tour

As a passionate cyclist, this is my activity. You get much further by bike than on foot and it is a great change from the daily walks. My dog is not yet ready to take her on bike tours, but as soon as that is the case, I will often go out on the weekend on two wheels and four paws.

4. Inline skating

Apart from a one-time purchase of the skates, this activity is practically free. And you train completely different movements than when cycling and running. Provided that there are suitable paths, it is really fun to simply do a bigger tour on inline skates. The paved bike paths are simply a dream for inline skaters.

5. Take a photo tour

Armed with the camera only nature or strolling through a city is like walking only much slower. Many a detail that you have overlooked for years only becomes visible when you consciously search for a motif. This activity promotes creativity and you move in the fresh air. Thanks to the digital camera, the costs for developing the images are also eliminated. The post-processing of the pictures on the computer is also a great activity for rainy weekends. And it doesn’t even have to be a digital SLR camera. Current smartphones already take such great pictures that you can have a lot of fun with them.

6. Visit town festivals and markets

Pay attention to how many city festivals and markets of all kinds there are. Most of these do not cost admission and offer an interesting change from the other stroll through the city. Sometimes there is even live music.

7. Visit your city

Take a tour of the city – on foot or the city tour bus. You will be amazed at how much you did not know about your city. Listen to the popular stories and legends, let yourself be guided to historically important places and fall in love with your city.

summer, still-life, garden

8. Do gardening

If you have a garden, you can spend time here and look at crops and then prepare delicious dishes, sauces or jams from the harvest. In the end, working in the garden can be (almost) cost-neutral. By the way, in many places you do not have to own all garden tools such as lawnmowers. Often there is also the possibility to share the devices with neighbors and thus save more money.

9. Geocaching

All you need for the new-fashioned form of the scavenger hunt is an app and some time. You then look for so-called „geocaches“ outdoors, things that other geocachers have hidden there. If you find such a cache, you enter yourself in a logbook and report your find. And of course, you can hide something yourself. Geocaching is a great way to bring a little pep into other outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or walking and can also be done in a large group.

10. learn something new

But enough of the outdoor activities. Even in bad weather, you want to experience something great at the weekend. For my part, I like to use my free time to learn something new. Be it by trying out a new programming language, cooking a recipe or watching YouTube videos. This does not cost anything effectively and, with a little luck, increases my human capital.

11. read a book

As is well known, I am not a fan of novels and entertainment literature. That’s why I mostly read non-fiction books from my various areas of interest. I enjoy it and can use it to pass the time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an eBook or a physical book. Add a good cup of coffee and Sunday is perfect. But of course, there is nothing wrong with novels. The main thing is that you have fun and you have a nice day. The good thing about books is that they are cheap, either because you can lend them to friends or you can read them on Kindle Unlimited. You can learn from books and they can also stimulate your imagination. In that a perfect and cheap activity for bad weather.

book, read, tee

12. the apartment tidy

Admittedly, I always have to outsmart my inner bastard for this, but when I do it, it’s usually really fun. And you do something extremely productive. Creates space and frees yourself from unnecessary ballast. You may also find one or two things that can still be sold profitably. Which brings me to the last idea.

13. solve riddles

Another popular activity: solving puzzles. Whether crossword puzzles or sudoku or something completely different: It doesn’t matter as long as it is fun. There are many templates on the Internet and of course, there are also a lot of apps in which you can play alone or against friends. It doesn’t cost anything and trains your head.

14. draw or handcraft

My friend likes to paint drawings in bright colors. In addition to a few pens, you only need a coloring book or you can simply print out templates yourself. Alternatively, of course, you can paint individually as you did in school with an ink box or watercolor paint. Or you can make something. Grab your handicrafts or the toolbox and get started! Build practical shelves and great lamps, fold colorful boxes and colorful wind turbines or craft cute mobiles and beautiful flower arrangements. Be creative and beautify your home. Also, think about which raw materials you could use for handicrafts. Something old can often be recycled. So you can e.g. make old or new dog toys out of old clothes. You may also discover the creation of creative and affordable gifts for yourself.

15. flea market

I’m not a big fan of flea markets. Standing in the rain all day and haggling over the last euro is not mine. But anyway, if the space charge is low or even free, a flea market day can be a very useful leisure activity.

Especially if after a long time a lot has accumulated and stacked in banana boxes in the basement, it can be profitable to auction off the best pieces at the flea market before the rest are donated, given away, or ultimately disposed of.

Thanks for reading!

I hope very much you enjoyed my content. If you did so please feel free to have a look at my other articles I linked down below. You also can share your thoughts through the comment section with me and my readers. If you think that more people should have this knowledge you can help to spread it by using the share buttons down below. And in case you want more exclusive content you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive it.

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